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The official closing date of Cottage Yarn will be Tuesday, October 15, at 5pm. I have enjoyed working with you and providing high quality yarns for the knitting and crocheting community over the past 6 years, and continuing the wonderful shop that Sara Furr established in May, 2005. I hope you will continue to support local yarn shops over online shopping in the future as they are the best source of help and the ability to touch fibers and see real colors in person. If you enjoy having yarn shops in the community, please support them regularly!
Closing Announcement

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to close Cottage Yarn. This decision has been on my mind for over a year because I have been aware that my life is different now from how it was when I first took over at the Cottage. Six years ago I had all three of my kids still living at home, along with our dog Moxie and a new kitten named Pelli. Chloe was working at the Cottage on the weekends, and I was teaching a couple of sock classes here as well. Conall turned 7 the same month I became owner of Cottage Yarn.

Over the past 6 years we have adopted Picot, the adorable kitty many of you have seen on our social media, but said goodbye to our beloved Moxie, who lived a happy 16 years with us. Cole and Chloe have both grown up and moved out to spread their wings and make a life of their own. Cole even got married last month! Conall is 13 now and has grown so much he has passed me!

At the Cottage over these same years, I have met so many talented people who love to create, so many loyal customers, and have enjoyed hearing their (your) stories – seeing photos of family weddings and new grandbabies and helping you celebrate with new projects to make for these occasions. I have loved being a part of your world and having you in mine. The Cottage is not just a happy place for you, it has been a lovely, calming place for me as well.

But as things change in life, so do priorities. Where once I was able to work at the Cottage every day except Sunday (remember when we were open on Mondays?), my shifting responsibilities and priorities have started to conflict with my ability to give as much time to the Cottage as it needs, as you need. And as much as I love the Cottage and what it provides to the community of knitters and crocheters in the area, I am no longer able to keep it open. Craig and I have talked about this and thought about it and thought about it some more, and have decided to close Cottage Yarn.

It makes me sad to leave behind this part of my life, and I certainly hope to continue seeing many of you either in local knit groups or even just bumping into you at the grocery store (or McAlister’s, which is more likely 😉), but change beckons. I am looking forward to the new adventures that come my way.

For the next month, we will continue doing business as usual, with a few classes and the trunk show that is planned, as well as the yarn crawl at the end of September. We are not sure of the exact closing date yet but will keep you posted once we figure that out.

Now for the tricky parts.

REWARDS PROGRAM: We will be turning off the rewards program effective August 31, which means you will no longer earn rewards points with your purchases after that date. If you have earned a reward, or earn one by August 31, the same rules still apply – the reward may be redeemed for $25 off any $50 regular price Cottage Yarn merchandise (excludes consignment and trunk show items) through the expiration of the reward or our closing date, whichever comes first.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: If you have an open gift certificate to Cottage Yarn, please make sure to use it sooner rather than later as we are closing on Tuesday, October 15, at 5pm. After that date the gift certificate will be unredeemable.

SPECIAL HOURS: Our last day will be Tuesday, October 15. We will be open 10am-5pm that day.

Thank you so much for your support of Cottage Yarn over the past 14 years, and more specifically over the past 6 years that I have owned it. I have enjoyed being able to provide a local source of knitting and crochet supplies and knowledge to this community and I appreciate you!

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